Raw Vietnamese Straight Bundles

Raw Vietnamese Straight Bundles

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Length 14"

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Hair by Tammy is ethically sourced and our raw Vietnamese hair collection comes directly from Vietnam; from ethnic women in the mountainous areas of Vietnam.   Our bundles are double drawn which means that 70 -80% of the hair has the same length and has thickness from roots to ends. 

Our hair is collected from one donor and is free of any chemicals and has never been processed.  The hair cuticles are intact and are facing the same direction from root to end.


Our raw Vietnamese Straight hair can be dyed, straightened and curled and you will still have luxurious quality hair.  With the right care, Hair by Tammy is the best option for longevity.

Product Details

Hair Type:  100% Raw Vietnamese Hair

Weight:  95 -105g

Color:  Natural